About project

development of ICT infrastructure
Project Leader: Prof. . Jolanta Oprządek , prof. IGiHZ Sciences
Duration of the project : 12.03.2010 – 31.12.2013
Project Value : 6 846 753,00

The Institute is the coordinator of the project “Development of ICT infrastructure in support of research and knowledge exchange in the field of genomics, biotechnology and quality of products of animal origin “, financed under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy Measure 2.3 ” Investments in development of infrastructure of science .”

The overall objective of the Project is to improve the competitiveness of the Polish research units through the creation of infrastructure of the science of supra-regional importance , enabling the operation of a modern and comprehensive research and the sharing and use of their results in the field : genomics , biotechnology and quality of animal products . This will increase the role of science in economic development , the Beneficiary participation in interdisciplinary national and international research projects and to provide connectivity to the international scientific telecommunication networks .

The project will involve the development and modernization of IT network infrastructure and analytical – computing at the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding in Jastrzębiec with the creation of database access and knowledge sharing platform . As part of the project it is planned to prepare the base network infrastructure and telecommunications , which will then be the basis for strengthening cooperation with other research centers in Poland and abroad in the framework of joint research projects , including the creation of databases and their statistical processing . An important part of the planned investment is to promote scientific resources and enabling access to research results through the implemented platform for the exchange of knowledge. Implementation of the project will include the implementation of 6 infrastructural tasks :

  1. computing infrastructure to process and analyze the data contained in databases maintained by other investment projects
  2. Creating databases in the field of functional genomics ( transkryptoniki , proteomics , metabolomics ) livestock
  3. Creation and implementation of database n / t candidate genes for markers characteristics: production , disease resistance , fertility , behavioral, and quality of raw material relevant livestock species
  4. Implementation of modern techniques for the collection and transmission of information held by IGHZ Sciences, regarding genetic resources and results of the usability of horses
  5. Creating a database in the field of biotechnology, breeding livestock and laboratory
  6. Providing individuals a database associated with the nutritional value and health enhancing products of animal origin

Project Manager
Assoc . Jolanta Oprządek , prof. IGiHZ Sciences

+48 ( 22) 736-71-18
E- mail: j.oprzadek @ ighz.pl